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                 Executive Personnel

  • GI's Chief Executive Officer, Mark W. Hayes, DPM, JD was a practicing podiatrist for 13 years prior to founding the company. Before that, Dr. Hayes worked as an anesthetist in a large teaching hospital treating trauma, burn and chest cases primarily. In addition, Dr. Hayes obtained his Law Degree from the University of Akron School of Law. There, he wrote a book detailing medical device product liability that included a chapter that outlined the controlling US FDA regulations as they pertained to the marketing of medical devices.  After that, Dr. Hayes designed a number of outpatient Surgicenters and Polyclinics for Hospitals located in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don, Russia. He also designed a Bone Marrow Transplant Module for a Hospital group in Delhi, India. Presently, Dr. Hayes in in the process of obtaining USA FDA approval to sell new SS & Titanium Surgical Instruments that will be imported from abroad.

  •      GI's Radiologist, Virgil Vulcu, M.D. (Dr. V) oversees all phases of marketing and installation of  diagnostic and treatment X-ray, Nuclear Medicine and all other Radiology/Oncology Radiation Devices that include, but are not limited to, Diagnostic X-ray Units, Treatment X-ray Units, CAT Scan Devices, Fluoroscopes, Gamma Cameras, PET Scanners and the "Gamma Knife". In addition, Dr. V has over 20 years experience in teaching physicians, physicists and technologists in the operation of this equipment worldwide. Dr. V has extensive experience working in large and small health care systems having recently returned from Kosovo where he acted as an on-site specialist on behalf of GI.      

  •      GI's Anesthesiologist, Daniel Solomon, M.D.  is responsible for supervising the selection and installation of all anesthesia and surgical equipment that GI sells to Hospitals, Surgicenters and Office-based Surgical Facilities. Dr. Solomon has extensive experience in developing and supervising Anesthesia and Surgical Departments in Outpatient Clinics and Hospitals and along with Drs. Hayes & V helped to design and equip health care centers in Russia and India. Dr. Solomon is also Board Certified in Quality Assurance and Utilization Review and oversees the development of all GI project specific QA/UR programs. 

  •       GI's Podiatrist, Jack Chulengarian, DPM (Dr. Jack) brings business expertise and extensive experience in outpatient surgery to GI's Equipment & Instrument Sales Division. Dr. Jack owns and practices in an outpatient podiatry Surgicenter in Waukegan, Illinois in addition to raising and showing horses on his farm when not providing his support to GI.

  •       GI's Podiatrist O. A. Mercado, DPM, (Harry) is well know throughout the Podiatry Profession in North America for his innovation of a number of original podiatry instruments and his professional art work featured in many Podiatry Journals. (See GI sells its instruments as a part of Dr. Mercado's "Art of Surgery" Instrument line and has provided developmental support in designing and manufacturing the "Double Sided Mercado Heel Spur Rasp" and "Mercado Fasciatome". (See: Dr. Mercado also oversees the advertising and marketing aspects of GI's Instrument sales.

  •       GI's Podiatrist Barry Erdman, DPM  is in charge of Beta Testing New Podiatry Instruments that GI is considering to market as part of the "Art of Surgery" line and in developing new fixation hardware for ankle and rear foot osseous procedures. Dr. Erdman also owns and practices in a state-of-the-art Podiatry Medical & Surgical Center in Appleton, Wisconsin where he lives with his wife and two sons.

  •      GI's Susan L. Haire is in charge of Accounting, Shipping and General Office Management. Ms. Haire worked for a number of years as the Assistant Controller of a large Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio and has extensive clinical and managerial experience in running podiatry outpatient Surgicenters.   

  •      GI's Foreign Correspondent & Chief Liaison in Moscow, Russia, Timur Zuiev, M.D. (Dr. Timur) is responsible for marketing GI's goods and services in the Eastern European countries. Dr. Timur specialized in Surgery, Anesthesiology and Clinical Physiology after receiving his MD. Since then, he has found his calling in providing logistical support for Russia's health care system and is presently responsible for introducing GI to new clients overseas as well as servicing GI's existing accounts.

  •      GI's Electrical Engineer, Mr. Tom Lock, B.S.E.E., M.S.E.E., is responsible for ensuring that all electrical devices sold by GI are in good working order and properly calibrated.  Mr. Lock has extensive experience working as an electrical design engineer and computer programmer as well as an instructor at  Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH USA. There, he taught courses in microprocessor interfacing, wrote funding proposals and designed, built, installed, maintained and purchased laboratory equipment. Mr. Lock is also in charge of overseeing Energy System Quality Assurance in GI designed facilities and retrofits.

  •      GI's Instrument Experts Mr. Yuri N. Volkov and Mr. Alexander N. Rodionov of the M. Gorky Medical Instrument Factory are responsible for designing and manufacturing the high grade stainless steel and titanium surgical instruments that GI distributes in North America. The company has a long history of providing quality instruments for the Russian domestic market as well as worldwide. GI is their exclusive representative in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  


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